There was the first iPhone clone 8

Появился первый клон iPhone 8

Despite the fact that before the official release of iPhone 8 are still about three months away, the excitement around new products from Apple does not continue to subside, but on the contrary, is gaining momentum. And if this was insider photos and unconfirmed rumors, that a few days ago was shown the first fake iPhone 8, of course, produced in China.

Появился первый клон iPhone 8

Blogger @DigitalChatStation put online a video with a smartphone, the parameters of which are similar to the appearance of numerous insider images of the future novelty – iPhone 8. The first thing that catches the eye is a slightly increased company logo, dual camera, placed vertically, HOME button, located on the rear panel. Despite the fact that the design of the clone took a lot out of the appearance of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the presence of the curved edges of the screen reminds viewers about the latest flagships of Samsung. There is no doubt that before us is another attempt by unscrupulous manufacturers to bask in the glory of well-known brand and make some profit.

Появился первый клон iPhone 8
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