9244 Titanium print the most reliable key (video)

Titanium print the most reliable key (video)

Из титана печатают самый надёжный ключ (видео)

Stealth Key – reliable kit (lock + 2 key) for the protection of property. According to the developers, each titanium key is printed on a 3D printer, which provides protection for the combination of waves and curves of the product from re-copying. After all, the distinctive features of a key tucked inside the case.

In a conventional keys all the secrets of the show, so fraudsters will not be difficult to duplicate on special machines. In the Swedish development all hidden. The idea is simple, but only with the advent of 3D printing became real. Co-founder of UrbanAlps Alejandro Ojeda notes that the new technology has proven its effectiveness and efficiency. Each key is unique. To produce these samples in the usual way would be impossible or unreasonably expensive.

The company worked on perfecting their keys, which has decreased in size. Most engineers had to rack you brains over the creation of the castle that would be reliability. This quality and appreciated by the users in the mechanical options that make up 90 percent of the lock market. These locks do not require special food, service, and operate without replacement for up to 30 years. Electronic analogues can not boast of such indicators.

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Before Stealth Key developers had a difficult task – to create a reliable set that would match the mechanical analogues. The solution was found. Now lock and two keys cost about 200 euros. Creators claim that their product is worth the money.

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