At Tesla appeared first affordable battery (3 photos)

У Tesla появился первый доступный аккумулятор (3 фото)

To purchase new proposed Tesla product does not need to have tens of thousands of dollars. Made by technology of automotive batteries portable Powerbank Tesla promises to be one of the most popular in the USA external battery for mobile devices. Modest on the background of analogues of the capacity price model is $ 45, but users have already demonstrated a willingness to overpay for the brand.

У Tesla появился первый доступный аккумулятор (3 фото)

Inside hides a battery element with a capacity of 3350 mAh. A new accessory allows you to charge smartphones and other devices equipped with USB port and microUSB and Apple lightning. At rated current at 1800 ± 200 mA model generates 5 V voltage. Due to the compact dimensions (108 x 30.5 x 23.3 mm), the gadget will easily fit in almost any pocket.

It is obvious that for the same money today you can buy a accessory more power from a few Chinese manufacturers, but the reputation of the Savior of the world and Builder of a bright future is Tesla good. Everyone wants to join the brainchild Mask way and are ready to pre-order.

У Tesla появился первый доступный аккумулятор (3 фото)

Another new accessory for the fans — Desktop Supercharger, the exact replica of the desktop charging station for Tesla electric cars. Using the product is worth $45 cable is inserted for charging mobile devices.

Source: Tesla Powerbank, Desktop Tesla Supercharger

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