The Japanese have a smart plug, choke chomping

У японцев появилась смарт-вилка, заглушающая чавканье

The Japanese are extremely sensitive to external attributes and experience provided to guests. This is especially a concern increases the closer the Olympics, to be held in Tokyo in 2020. To ensuring Japan did not feel discomfort during the experience familiar to the Japanese things, such as a loud “eating noodles”, and was invented “smart fork” Otohiko. The main task of the new Cutlery — to make a loud champing produced when eating a traditional Japanese noodle, fun game.

У японцев появилась смарт-вилка, заглушающая чавканье

У японцев появилась смарт-вилка, заглушающая чавканье

The basic idea of “smart plugs” are borrowed from common in Japan, the toilet device Otohime TOTO block out disturbing sounds, replacing them with more familiar sounds of the descending water. The principle of operation is cumbersome smart plugs, Otohiko based on capture built-in microphones and chomping unpleasant commanded via Bluetooth to a smartphone to create a “sound curtain” that suppresses unpleasant sounds.

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Plug Otohiko already available for pre-order at a price of about 14.8 thousand yen, which is $130. Plans Nissin, the manufacturer of novelty, to produce up to 5 thousand of these forks. According to the developers, the invention will be particularly popular among employees of international companies. Sound effects can be configured based on user preferences.

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