15230 Participants hacker conference hacked the voting system USA

Participants hacker conference hacked the voting system USA

Участники хакерской конференции взломали систему голосования США

In the United States still does not subside campaign accused Russia that she intervened in the electoral process and influenced the outcome of the vote of the American President in 2016. Moreover, no evidence publicly given. Did the American intelligence agencies believe that is only by Russian hackers? This is clearly refuted participants hacker conference DEFCON, traditionally held in Las Vegas since 1993. It took them less than two hours to break the machine which is used in the United States for counting of votes.

Moreover, the participants of the conference demonstrated a number of vulnerabilities present in devices from manufacturers such as Diebolds, Sequoia, WinVote and others that were acquired at auctions held by the government, or eBay.

So, taking advantage of the open physical ports and unprotected Wi-Fi connection, it was possible to achieve the introduction of malicious code, and a considerable number of devices have been outdated software. Vulnerable and versions of the cryptographic library OpenSSL.

For example, a participant of the conference, Carsten Schürmann managed remotely to achieve access to the WinVote, taking advantage of the vulnerability before Windows XP which allowed you to execute code. Vulnerable and CVE-2011-4109 OpenSSL, which was also hacked without any problems. As you can see does not even need the intervention of a mythical Russian hackers.

Source: theregister.co.uk

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