8805 Umbrella to help You or smart sun protection (2 videos)

Umbrella to help You or smart sun protection (2 videos)

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ShadeCraft is developing a “smart” umbrella, which will protect from the sun at any time of the day. The participants of a startup called his project Sunflower, which translated into Russian language of a sunflower. The developers tried to foresee everything. Eats Sunflower from special panels located on the umbrella top, has a camera, speakers, charging devices via USB port and has Bluetooth and wireless Internet, and even the light, when the dark street.

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The approximate cost of new items not yet announced. Its release is planned in 2018, and perhaps later. While at CES was presented only a prototype model. According to the developers, “smart” umbrella, you can still add voice control using assistants to Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant.

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