Control the drone using gestures will help piezopolaron (video)

Управлять дроном с помощью жестов помогут пьезоволокона (видео)

Experts of the research centre Empa (Sweden) used piezoresistive tape to create an unusual touch bracelet. This alternative to video cameras and accelerometers will allow you to remotely control the drones with gestures.

The team of Frank Clemens has developed and implemented the technology 3D-printing fibers of silicon. Any, even the slightest movement changes the level of electrical resistance of the tape. Thanks to an ingenious system of interpretation of such signals (turn hands to grip hands in a fist) can be converted into commands for the drone. To master the new do, of course, you will need to take courses of aerobatics from Empa.

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In the near future, the developers intend to improve the gesture recognition system to managed with the bracelet drones can perform complex pieces. How successful the project will be in commercial terms, scientists do not yet think. What is the range of this do not specified.


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