“VKontakte” was a large-scale upgrade interface (4 photos)

«ВКонтакте» произошло масштабное обновление интерфейса (4 фото)

Social network Vkontakte has got the most extensive in recent years, the updated mobile apps, becoming even more like a foreign Facebook. The side menu is gone, replaced by a new bottom panel, thereby facilitating and accelerating the navigation to all sections. Users of mobile gadgets will be able to instantly switch from news feeds to notifications and search.

«ВКонтакте» произошло масштабное обновление интерфейса (4 фото)

Other sections, such as music, subscribe to posts, video, photo, still displayed in the list on a separate screen. Search for one universal field, whether you are looking for a person, write on the wall, live broadcasts, history or community. In the personal collection of recommended record displays the content selected under individual preferences of the user. They are all displayed in a preview.

«ВКонтакте» произошло масштабное обновление интерфейса (4 фото)

In the “Answers” are United not only likes and comments on post, but an invitation to a friend, reminders about birthdays, new posts friends and so on. You can configure commands and receive messages from likes only from close friends — obviously, the developers took into account the interests of those who are gaining thousands of hearts.

«ВКонтакте» произошло масштабное обновление интерфейса (4 фото)

Update “Vkontakte” for Android and iOS will be available for all during the day. The desktop version of the social network also expects to redesign, but some time later.

Source: VKontakte

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