10319 Weekdays sellers at Lowe's easier exoskeletons (4 photos + video)

Weekdays sellers at Lowe’s easier exoskeletons (4 photos + video)

Будни продавцов в Lowe’s облегчат экзоскелеты (4 фото + видео)

Company Lowe’s, which sells a variety of products designed to optimize your home space, through its own network of stores, ordered at the Polytechnic University of Virginia the development of the exoskeleton. The team of experts required to prepare a simple model with no extra features that can withstand the daily stress and long term usage.

Representatives of research laboratories Lowe’s, who also took part in the project, admit that the result exceeded their expectations. The model has already passed the first field test: when the person squats or bends, the tendon, made of lightweight and durable carbon fiber and moving along with it, greatly reducing the load on the spine and is absolutely not restricting movements. Sellers and movers Lowe’s claim that this new work became much easier.

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Of course, this is not the first and not the high-tech exoskeleton, known today to the General public, but no one Lowe’s tried to implement this technology in retail. She’ll probably be the most effective tool to increase employee motivation.

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