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A portable wall socket, essentially!


Power banks are great, without them I’d be lost. Literally. The amount of times I go camping and run out of battery is insane. I used to laugh at the idea of more is better, but in Jackery’s case, this might be true. Having just recently released the Jackery PowerBar High Capacity Portable Charger, I can’t help but think this ‘brick’ would be perfect so any outdoor trip or even weekend trip that will have you on the move all-day everyday.

I say that because the Jackery PowerBar comes with a handy AC wall outlet and a powerful 20,800mAh battery. It comes with a USB C, QC3.0, and 5V/2.4A three USB outputs. Believed to power iPhone and Samsung smartphones up to 10 times, provides 1.2 charges to a MacBook Air 12″ and up to 70% charge on a MacBook Pro 15″ with the use of the AC outlet. Named the PowerBar, this thing should be called “The Beast” due to its insane charging ability, not only that, but the Iron/Grey color gives off a badass look while the rugged industrial look shows it’s ready for business.

Designer: Jackery





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A portable wall socket, essentially!

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