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The best weapon for digital warfare!

Aptly named for the kind of activity it’s made for, the Hunter 1.0 is a keypad designed explicitly for FPS (first person shooter) games. Putting everything you need under the span and within the reach of your left hand’s fingers, the Hunter can be used along with your mouse to become your most effective gaming gear. Built with arrow keys, a space button, a joypad, and 8 more programmable mechanical keys, the Hunter puts everything you need right at your fingertips.

The Hunter 1.0’s bullet mechanical keys are designed to provide a tactile experience most gamers die for. Spaced apart to prevent accidental pressing, and designed to be entirely backlit, the keypad even comes with an anti-slip underside and even haptic feedback, vibrating when you fire or get hit, to provide an immersive, undistracted experience. What’s worth noting is that the design is great to look at, but the minute you begin using it, its aesthetics recede into the background and it becomes a hardcore performance device, providing only one true function… a high competitive edge!

Designer: Iaroslav Neriubov







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The best weapon for digital warfare!

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