10974 AI reveals distracted students (video)

AI reveals distracted students (video)

ИИ выявляет отвлекающихся студентов (видео)

French business school monitors the success of modern engineers. One of the new software Nestor, decided to implement in the learning process of students. The essence of the invention — artificial intelligence and facial recognition are closely studying the behavior of the audience if they are distracted from the lecture, it will be noted.

The program will be implemented first for online classes, that is, those who listen to lectures remotely, but plans to use the system and in the classroom, reporting in real time when the student was distracted.

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For operation need a camera that watches the face of a student (eyes and facial expressions) during class. After Nestor prepares tests that include moments of lectures, during which the listener was not paying attention. The program is useful for teachers. They will be able to improve his lectures, having worked places where the students were bored.

Source: theverge.com

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