Batteries no longer explode (3 photos)

Аккумуляторы больше не будут взрываться (3 фото)

Using water and salt solution as electrolyte, a team of specialists from the research laboratory of the US army has developed a battery which does not ignite, even with multiple punctures. Its capacity is sufficient for used in household electronic devices.

Аккумуляторы больше не будут взрываться (3 фото)

Increase the voltage to 4 was due to the polymer coating of the anode. A special gel not only ensures safe operation but also improves the energy density — the performance is several times better than existing water rechargeable Li-ion batteries.

Аккумуляторы больше не будут взрываться (3 фото)

Meantime, scientists continue to improve his invention, in particular, they plan to increase the number of complete cycles from 50-100 to 500 and more, and also reduce the cost of development. According to their forecasts, the novelty may well appear by 2023.


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