Amazon has suddenly become a platform for sale of genetic tests

Amazon неожиданно стала площадкой для продажи генетических тестов

Several companies that produce DNA tests, started selling their goods in American online store Amazon. Genetic studies are becoming increasingly popular even among non-medical and science people. Each of us would like to find out all the details of the mysteries of his origin, health, genetic characteristics and risks. Experts believe that the sales on Amazon of these tests will increase dramatically on Black Friday and cyber Monday.

According to some analysts, the largest online retailer plans to take over the pharmaceutical market. He managed to obtain a licence to trade in medicines. Meanwhile, the considerable revenue the firm is able to bring trade genetic tests that have become so popular in recent years.
Only in the last few years, the market was joined by Ancestry, 23andMe and Helix. These startups enable customers to get acquainted with the details about their own origin, with genetic risk and to determine predisposition to certain diseases. With Amazon already working more than 10 companies selling DNA tests.

A couple of years ago Ancestry daily sold on the website four or five hundred sets to perform the test at home. And for the finale last year, sales every day has reached three hundred thousand tests. Such demand on Amazon company Ancestry were not ready, since it was initially put on sale from your online resource. The seller was even genetic tests that require a referral from a doctor. For example, Color Genomics – analysis to determine the risk of cancer. According to analysts ‘ estimates, after the Internet site has sold over 6 million tests for the price of $79 apiece (recently $99).

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Despite the growing popularity and inclusion of these tests in an ordinary medical examination, the accuracy of their results is not always on top. Genetic studies can determine the fact of motherhood or fatherhood. However, doctors have not recognized the reliability of identifying a number of factors, such as the tendency to certain diseases or aptitude for sports. Some analysts even claim that DNA tests will not be able to achieve the accuracy of pregnancy tests. True, those are about the results.

Meanwhile, cheaper genome sequencing, are becoming cheaper and data analysis procedures. Thanks to it, startups are able to attract huge investments. Experts predict that this year alone working in the field of genetics, the company can attract venture capital funds at least three billion dollars.

Source: CNBC

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