Apple will raise the quality of iPhone cameras to the professional level (2 photo + 2 video)

Apple поднимет качество камер iPhone до профессионального уровня (2 фото + 2 видео)

Soon the camera of the smartphone from Apple will get a significant improvement. The company acquired startup InVisage Technologies has a unique technology of shooting professional video. The secret is in quantum dots.

InVisage Technologies was founded in 2006. The basis of their innovative technologies put the unique design of the image sensor coated with a patented layer of QuantumFilm, allowing the best quality to make the optical signal. In the manufacture of photosensitive coatings used in nanotechnology. Underlay, made with a special technique, covered with the sprayed nanoparticles. Thus created a grid of quantum dots is the basis for the matrix of cameras that can be used in almost any modern smartphone. The new product captures up to 95% of incoming light, while conventional CMOS-matrix, the figure is 25%. A significant advantage of the developments is the fact that for the production of QuantumFilm not require radical alterations of the production process technology compatible with conventional CMOS fabrication method.

Apple поднимет качество камер iPhone до профессионального уровня (2 фото + 2 видео)

At the time, investors of the project were companies such as Intel Capital, Nokia Growth Partners and GGV Capital. The total amount of their monetary investments rather big – $98 million for the purchase of posted Apple not reported. Also the new owner of InVisage Technologies is not distributed ahead of time about their future intentions in relation to technology.

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With the help of technology QuantumFilm famous film Director Wes Anderson was filmed this impressive short film that shows the possibilities of shooting high quality using smartphones.

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Experts believe that Apple in the first place, begin to raise the quality of the cameras in the iPhone, starting on the next generation. Currently, the company buys the sensors from Sony.

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