Mankind has accumulated 6.3 billion tons of plastic waste (3 photos)

Человечество накопило 6.3 млрд тонн пластиковых отходов (3 фото)

The specialists of the University of Georgia, located in Athens, U.S., estimated that since the invention of production technology of plastic on the planet was created approximately 8.3 billion tons of this material, 6.3 billion of which is in landfills and garbage accumulated in spots on the surface of the oceans, in the stomachs of 90% of the birds and most fish, according to scientists found plastic waste that cause poisoning, mutations and death in animals.

Человечество накопило 6.3 млрд тонн пластиковых отходов (3 фото)

Each year the landfill receives 300 million tons of plastic and rubber. If the current rate of (annual production growth of approximately 8%) by the middle of this century, the mass of hazardous materials in garbage bins will increase to 12-13 billion tons. The seriousness of the problem is difficult to overestimate: plastic not recycled by soil microbes, and therefore will remain on earth for thousands of years.

Человечество накопило 6.3 млрд тонн пластиковых отходов (3 фото)

Jenna Jambeck (Jenna Jambeck), one of the authors of an article published in the journal Science Advances, encourages to think about the rational use of artificial materials in manufacturing, government and global level. The first article focused on the US, where processed only 9% of plastic waste. Despite the fact that in Europe and Asia recycling reaches 30% and 25% of this, of course, is not enough to prevent ecological disaster.

Source: Science Advances

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