Cloudflare encrypts the data with lava lamps (3 photos + video)

Cloudflare шифрует данные лавовыми лампами (3 фото + видео)

Cloudflare is an American company that provides domain names, 10% of all web sites on the planet. It was here he created a popular service that protects websites from DDoS attacks. The company encrypts everything passing through the server data using lava lamps.

Cloudflare шифрует данные лавовыми лампами (3 фото + видео)

Currently Cloudflare boasts a reputation as one of the leading services of the planet, securely encrypting all the data. The company helps to hide from unauthorized users any information. With this encryption to respect the confidentiality of the transported data.

Everything works on the basis of complex algorithms, the so – called keys. Firm Cloudflare in need of billions of such algorithms. Moreover, to avoid being hacked, each of them should be unique, unique in its kind. But to create as many unique and unrepeatable character sets was just unreal. Output, which is found in Cloudflare is unique. They just took a hundred lava lamps! It is worth noting that we are talking about simple decorative lamp. In fact, it is the bulb of glass, which is not quite clear and transparent paraffin oil. In the lower part of the bulb. It warms all that is contained in the flask, which is the movement of paraffin bubbles resembling lava.

Try to imagine how many different combinations can produce hundreds of such light bulbs! Their set at the headquarters Cloudflare in San Francisco on a special rack. In front of them put the camera, fixing the right time, what happens in front of the lens. The image of each lamp and the wall behind it is unique, since it depends on the lighting, time of day, location, and shape of wax inside the lamp and so on. Captured images are converted by the random number generators in cryptographic algorithm. Because of this, and eliminated the duplicates.

Cloudflare шифрует данные лавовыми лампами (3 фото + видео)
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It is curious that such a strange method of key generation used by the company for the first time. For example, in the Singapore office is Cloudflare lava lamps use a piece of uranium, which is placed under the flask of glass. The keys are generated using a Geiger counter. It measures the amount of isotopes released during the decay. In London for the same purpose used a chaotic pendulum. It consists of three moving parts is completely unpredictable.


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