Experts told how dangerous Dating apps (3 photos)

Эксперты рассказали, чем опасны приложения для знакомств (3 фото)

“Kaspersky lab” provides an invaluable service to Internet users, spending analysis known mobile services, including those designed for Dating online. These studies help to know what danger threatens the users of applications, many of which do not guarantee the protection of personal data.

The study has undergone the most famous resources: Tinder, Bumble, OK Cupid, Badoo, Mamba, Zoosk, Happn, WeChat and Paktor. Considered the application for Android OS and iOS. It turned out that fraudsters are using these services can easily calculate e-mail, to access your account hack page interested in the subject.

The purpose of the fraud – disclosure of the identity and organization of prosecution
The researchers “Kaspersky Lab” in their analytical calculations explain the most harmless that capable attackers using these services in social networks — to access the profile of a subject that is a snap. So, Tinder a point of information about work or education, and this gives high probability of finding person in social network, even if he uses the nickname. The same crook can learn about Facebook users, even in the absence of personal data and specifying the alias. This service has a search function people, so the computer crooks “declassify” any user there is no difficulty.

Эксперты рассказали, чем опасны приложения для знакомств (3 фото)

This is most clearly evident, according to the observations of experts, in app Happn, which displays on Facebook. Service Paktor fraud almost without any complications uses to open the email of any person is so bad the service it protects.

To track a person – the beginning of the realization of selfish plans
Separate services, such as, for example, WeChat and Happn, because of imperfections in the protection of personal information in General allow attackers to find the location of the person from the Dating service (distance to the subject interest, other personal information). This is dangerous, because this information detractors can use for criminal purposes.

Эксперты рассказали, чем опасны приложения для знакомств (3 фото)

What contributes to abduction of the information and opens the account access
The lack of some apps for Dating (Mamba, Tinder) Protocol secure encrypted data transfer opens for people with malicious intent easy access to a large amount of data: they can log on the account they are interested in the person and open his correspondence, to write on behalf of the victim, produce other harmful manipulation.

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For most app for singles on Android, here is a possible form of a computer fraud provision of false certificate. If only the attacker fraudulently manage to get him interested user to install the certificate, then through Tinder he can get a temporary access to your account on the social network Facebook and to use the obtained data for their own purposes.

Source: “Kaspersky Lab”

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