21985 Competitor Tesla electric car will charge in 60 seconds
Competitor Tesla electric car will charge in 60 seconds

Competitor Tesla electric car will charge in 60 seconds

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Электрокар конкурента Tesla будет заряжаться за 60 секунд

Fisker the company prepares patents for solid state high power rechargeable batteries, designed for installation on electric cars. Such a battery can be recharged in one minute, you are not afraid of extreme temperatures are three times cheaper than lithium-ion counterparts, and their capacity is enough to drive 800 km.

We will remind, the developer belongs to Henrik Fisker, renowned designer and former employee of Tesla. If the declared characteristics correspond to reality, Fisker will bring his former employer into serious trouble. For comparison, the best model of the brand, the Tesla S 100D, able to travel without recharging only 540 miles, and to recover the battery, you need about half an hour.

The start of sales of solid-state batteries is scheduled for 2023. It is planned to produce the new batteries not only for electric cars but also mobile phones and other portable equipment. The brand intends to cooperate with manufacturers of electronics and is already in talks with representatives of several companies. On the other hand, if you consider that Fisker would need another six years to even begin to produce products with the stated characteristics, then the Tesla and other manufacturers of similar products have a head start to early to start a series of batteries that are not inferior in their properties to the patented new future competitor.

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