Facebook and Airbus join forces for the development of “flying routers”

Facebook и Airbus объединят усилия для развития сферы "летающих роутеров"

High-altitude unmanned aerial vehicles whose primary purpose is the transmission of the Internet signal in the inaccessible areas, will develop the Airbus and the social network Facebook. Project details were not disclosed, but we know that both companies intend to combine their efforts and seek to expand the spectrum to enable broadband access to the Internet and organize voice communication.

The project participants intend to seek changes in the international aviation rule regarding the requirements for unmanned aerial vehicles, located at high altitudes for a long period of time (qualification rules – pseudo-satellites). Expanding the range of frequencies the consortium will achieve on the world Radiocommunication conference, organized by the International telecommunication Union working under the auspices of the UN. The conference will be held in October 2019.

Facebook is engaged in designing unmanned aircraft Aquila, are designed to broadcast an Internet signal. Drone developed under the scheme flying wing. The first test flight of Aquila made in June 2016. The tests were quite successful, but when landing from a gust of wind, the machine received substantial damage. Re-test flight performed in June 2017, the tests were successful.

According to the specifications the unit Aquila fly at a height of 18 to 27 km and covers Internet signal area with a radius of 500 km of Autonomous non-stop flight is expected to last up to 90 days. The signal transmission is performed using laser technology, and the speed of transmission of the signal exceeds 10 times all of today’s known technology.

Facebook и Airbus объединят усилия для развития сферы "летающих роутеров"

European aviakontserna Airbus is developing the Zephyr drones, also capable of up to 90 days to be in free flight. The scheme is similar to Aquila Zephyr (flying wing). The drone can be used for the implementation of the peace and military tasks. Zephyr can provide a stream of web in the area of natural disasters and to carry out a reconnaissance mission.

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Source: flightglobal.com

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