19687 Facebook "revive" the profile photos of users (video)

Facebook “revive” the profile photos of users (video)

Facebook "оживит" профильные фото пользователей (видео)

A team of researchers from tel Aviv University and full-time developers of social network Facebook has introduced a special program that changes the expression of faces of people depicted on the photos and old paintings.

It’s enough to use live with another person to borrow from him the desired expression. Running the algorithm creates a mask of the face and transfers it to a static image, the resulting point mask can be moved to obtain the desired emotions from a picture or painting. Moreover, details is working on a new static creation, adding a characteristic of a given expression changes, such as wrinkles, folds and even teeth. The authors of the project have already conducted experiments with the Mona Lisa, causing her to smile, and Frida Kahlo, which now moves his monopoly.

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While not available simple townsfolk, but eventually Facebook will introduce it to users of its social network. It is assumed that the profile photo will become animated and able to respond to comments, likes and other activity in the publications posted on the website of the owner.

Source: engadget.com

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