“Federation” will fly into space a year later

«Федерация» полетит в космос на год позже

Roscosmos has decided to postpone the launch of manned spacecraft “Federation” from 2021 to 2022. As the spaceport will be used Baikonur, not the East as previously planned, and the role of the rocket will perform “Phoenix” instead of “Angara”.

Change of plans virtually no impact on the design of the new ship, however, will free East to implement the program for the construction of super-heavy rockets, which will likely send the Federation to the moon after 2025. However, the use of an existing complex “Zenit”, working at Baikonur, will speed up the work.

While experts intend to conduct unmanned launch payload. In the manned version will be able to deliver to the ISS of up to four man crew. In the Autonomous flight mode, the ship can be up to 24 days, and within the orbital station — up to one year. Program financing from the Federal budget will begin next year.

Source: TASS

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