Freelancers will offer to pay taxes under the simplified scheme and online

Фрилансерам предложат платить налоги по упрощенной схеме и онлайн

Rosstat experts felt that the country has about 13 million able-bodied citizens of working remotely and informally. Also increasing the proportion of those who do not pay taxes on the informal side jobs. To freelancers want to pay taxes to the state, and not to hide from commitment, they will come up with a simplified scheme.

One of the solutions to the problem — development of specific applications for FNS with the online system of banks. You just need to bind the app and the taxes will be calculated and deducted automatically. No special reporting to be necessary. To attract freelancers to the new system they will provide additional bonuses, such as participation in private companies that offer marketing services or tax deductions for those who use such services.

In addition to the self-employed Russians, the proposed system can, in theory, are private businesses with no employees, and those who practice part-time. In General, experts believe that such a measure will help bring people out of the shadows and save them for retirement. However, the state will need guarantees that the government will not increase over time, the tariffs, and FNS do not send claims retroactively. The Ministry of Labour stressed that the minimum level of payment of insurance contributions for formation of a pension from freelancers should be 26 545 rubles a year.

The initiative of officials will primarily affect nurses, Tutors, drivers and bloggers, who provide services but are not registered and do not pay taxes. A new instrument of taxation will allow to replenish the budget, because the situation of self-employed citizens is very relevant in our days. This category of Russians is a large part of the “gray” money circulation in Russia, that is most of them is outside the accounting system of taxation.

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