Glasses with liquid lenses themselves focused on the desired object (3 photos)

Очки с жидкими линзами сами фокусируются на нужном объекте (3 фото)

With age, the human vision deteriorates — due to the decrease in elasticity of the lens becomes more difficult to focus on distant objects and read text. In addition, the vision requires continuous diagnostics and correction, and therefore bought one glasses after some time may be unnecessary. Professor at the University of Utah Carlos Mastrangelo and doctoral Nazmul Hassan this situation is not very happy, but because they have developed glasses, is able to change the focal length depending on what’s currently their carrier. The technology is suitable for correction of hyperopia and myopia, replacing bifocal and multifocal lenses.

Очки с жидкими линзами сами фокусируются на нужном объекте (3 фото)

The invention like smart glasses, but it is very bulky. Each lens consists of a viscous glycerin, enclosed in a rubber membrane with two sides. One of the membranes is connected to mechanical actuators that move it forward and backward, changing the lens curvature, and with it the focal distance from the lens to the eye. All the electronics of the device placed in the housing rim. Using infrared range-finder in the nose, the gadget determines the distance to an object to which is directed the gaze of the owner, and adjusts the lens so that what he saw was in focus. To perform this action from smart glasses takes 14 milliseconds, and built-in battery designed for 24 hours Autonomous operation.

Очки с жидкими линзами сами фокусируются на нужном объекте (3 фото)

Glasses with liquid lenses do not adapt themselves to the peculiarities of view of its owner, they are calibrated with a prescription from an ophthalmologist via a mobile smartphone app via Bluetooth. Over time, characteristics always can be corrected taking into account new developments in eye health.

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While the invention Carlos Mastrangelo and Nazmul Hassan is a prototype, but scientists continue to Refine it. According to their statements, in the form of a commercial product the glasses will be in three years. By the time they become lighter, thinner, and with more capacious battery. The estimated future price of the gadget from $500 to $1000. The dimensions do warped by the inventors of the Sharpeyes company LLC.


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