Google Guetzli will reduce the size of JPEG files on the third (3 photos)

Google Guetzli позволит уменьшить размеры JPEG-файлов на треть (3 фото)

One of the most urgent tasks of modern information technologies is to increase the speed of loading Internet pages. Google when this task aims to improve the compression efficiency of images that carry the main volume of the transmitted information. Earlier in 2010 Google had already proposed an original solution by using the WebP format, which is considerably, by 10 percent, reduced the volume of the transferred file while maintaining quality. Given the fact that this format is only used by Google itself, it was decided to optimize images transmitted in JPEG format. The created algorithm is called Guetzli and contributed to a 35 percent reduction in the amount of JPEG files, and for the same size files allows you to transfer more detailed images.

Google introduced the algorithm Guetzli (“cookies” – the same dialect of Switzerland), the efficiency of which is ensured by the original model Butteraugli based on psychovisual characteristics of human vision. The model is based on the fact that more effective human visual perception of red and green color spectrum and the worst spatial vision blue spectral ranges. Thus, squeezing the image, you can disregard the blue color areas. The negative side of this method is the relatively low speed of image transformation.

Google Guetzli позволит уменьшить размеры JPEG-файлов на треть (3 фото)

Google Guetzli позволит уменьшить размеры JPEG-файлов на треть (3 фото)
The original image on the left, in the center, libjpeg, right — Guetzli

In the case where the user has provided the opportunity to compare compressed images on traditional algorithms, libjpeg and a new method – the algorithm Guetzli, the latter is often given preference due to the better image and lack of visual “noise” inherent in the old methods.

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All information about the new technology of compression of the image is in the public domain at the special service of GitHub. In Google announced full compatibility of compressed JPEG images with all browsers and other programs designed to view images.

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