Breast implants can protect against bullets (video)

Грудные импланты способны защитить от пули (видео)

A team from the University of Utah under the direction of Christopher Panucci during testing of breast implants found that the objects of study are not only esteticheskoy function, but also quite able to stop the serious consequences of injury.

For carrying out of experiment scientists have pushed the story of a woman who was the victim of an armed robber. The attackers released the bullet entered the nipple and passing through the implant went into my armpit. Despite the small volume of only 390 cm3, he actually saved a woman’s life.

In the framework of the experiment in a special ballistic gel, which protected the implant with a volume of 750 cm3 was done a few shots. Given the distance of 2.5 m at bullet velocity of 300 m/s its path in the gel was reduced by 20%, while the drag of the material increased. Depending on the type of the bullet, and hence its size and speed, as well as the type of the implant, the displacement of the trajectory is able to save a life.

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The researchers intend to test the effectiveness of the implants against bladed weapons, falls from height and road accidents. Perhaps the results obtained will be relevant in the development of body armor of new generation. The implants themselves are, of course, can be called little pillows of safety, but experts urge not to forget about the risk of their rupture and to test their strength without urgent need.

Source: New Scientist

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