8624 In China, pondered over the construction of an undersea Hyperloop

In China, pondered over the construction of an undersea Hyperloop

В Китае задумались над строительством подводного Hyperloop

The design of the Hyperloop liking the Chinese engineers. After all, Elon Mask never realized his project. And the people of China believe that anything is possible. Already the calculations of the specialists of the Institute of railway transport of China, which showed that the idea for the construction of the vacuum of the underwater tunnel it is possible to implement.

What are the advantages of thread? The project demonstrates high-speed underwater tunnel with a length of 10 km, where the mainland to Taiwan can be reached in just over thirteen minutes.

Of course, it is time to talk about the prospects that open with the project. First, a high-speed underwater tunnel may be the main part of the transport branch (its total length is 180 km). Second, the travel will spend less time. Finally, the goods to be transported faster, and it will be possible to cover hard to reach areas of Zhejiang province.

Ahead further careful calculations, development of necessary equipment, its manufacture and installation. But if China decides that the idea is worth it, its implementation is based on the principle of the Hyperloop, will be a matter of time. And knowing how fast the Chinese build facilities, maybe the first high-speed tunnel will appear there?

Source: China Daily

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