In Russian schools will jam a cell signal

В российских школах будут глушить сотовый сигнал

In an effort to solve the problem of enthusiasm of the Russian students of mobile gadgets that are, according to teachers, interfere with the educational process and to increase the objectivity of the evaluation obtained by the adolescents with the knowledge, lawmakers approved the installation of the interlock signal. Permission for installation of the equipment already issued by the specialized Commission of the SCR. While they will include at the time of the exam.

We will remind, till now the decision on whether to use or not to use blockers, were taken directly to local authorities, but now this requirement is defined at the Federal level. What equipment will be installed, on what basis it will select and purchase, is still unknown.

The implementation of the idea could prevent a significant problem: the range of the blockers are not confined to educational institutions and, therefore, will be smothered all mobile phones in the district. Because it is very sensitive to the settings of the equipment is expensive, acquiring them probably will have to give. In practice, this poses a real threat to inhabitants of nearby houses, which risk not to reach, for example, in the hospital and to receive emergency assistance. A solution to the question will come up officials, is unclear.


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