11607 Ipsihand returns the mobility of the hand after stroke

Ipsihand returns the mobility of the hand after stroke

Ipsihand возвращает подвижность рукам после инсульта

One of the most serious problems encountered by stroke survivors is the loss of motor activity. So so relevant to modern medicine is the process of returning the patient to normal functioning. The work of researchers from the Medical school at Washington University (St. Louis, USA) aimed at the restoration of the work of the hands of people who have lost this opportunity.

Device called Ipsihand will help accelerate the rehabilitation of patients, to return them to normal functioning. The study involved 13 people who suffered a stroke more than six months ago. Ipsihand kit consists of a helmet equipped with electrodes receiving electrical brain impulses and gloves with exoskeleton to perform coming from the helmet of the teams.

The basis of operation of the device based on the writings of neurosurgeon Eric Leuthardt that changed the understanding of the principle of brain operation with the signal on the implementation of the movements of the limbs. According to conventional theory, movements of a certain part of the body controls the opposite side of the brain (left hemisphere controls right side of body and right — left). However, Leuthardt found the brain areas that initiate movement and are located on the same side with the limbs. These signals just stop taken after suffering a stroke.

Engineers should “catch” using ECG-helmet, the signals from the opposite hemisphere, not damaged by disease, to decrypt and transfer to your device Ipsihand to perform the intended patient of the action. During the test experiment, which lasted 12 weeks, patients were able to perform fairly complex motor activities — to build a tower out of blocks and to bring a hand to her mouth. Conditional 57 the scale of the activity of the patients increased only by 6 points. During this time the company is actively testing device Ipsihand, and their efficiency can be significantly increased.

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