Artificial intelligence finds out you gait

Искусственный интеллект узнает вас по походке

Robotization of modern life has reached unbelievable proportions and continues to evolve rapidly, offering new delights. The creation of complex algorithms for control of robots, artificial intelligence, expands the possibilities of robotics, helps to solve many economic problems in specific conditions, to facilitate control of robotic and automated systems.The latest achievement in this industry – the application of artificial intelligence (AI) to recognize the gait as the individual characteristics of the person. Was, in gait can identify a person as a fingerprint.

Created such an algorithm, the researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). They have developed the ID is able to recognize human gait in less than 200 milliseconds, even if it is masked, and the effect it has a radius of 50 meters. And to recognize the desired object AI is easy even in a crowd. Currently, the accuracy of the system — 1, 000 people on an area of one square kilometer.

It is clear that the ID is invaluable to identify wanted criminals, if you have videos documenting the movement of the person; to ensure the safety in transport, especially in aircraft. Very valuable is the invention and to combat terrorism, therefore, there is a need to establish a database of suspect in preparation of acts of terrorism and ties to terrorist individuals, in order to detect this global evil.

The disadvantage of using this algorithm, AI is the need to have database snapshots of the object and of the crowd with high resolution and at a right angle. Researchers are working on improving ID.

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