By 2020 Scotland will fully switch to renewable energy

К 2020 году Шотландия полностью перейдёт на возобновляемую энергию

An increasing number of regions intends to permanently abandon the usual power plants, which pollute the nature, and go to clean and renewable sources of energy. The first reason is the reduction of emissions of harmful substances. Curiously, while the energy from the sun or wind – is often more expensive than traditional. In this regard, the Scottish government decided to soon go to receive all they need electrical energy from wind, water and sun.

The country has long been engaged in active promotion of pure energy. The main sources of alternative energy are wind energy, tidal and wave sets, which together give almost 80% of the capacity of renewable energy throughout Scotland. Here actively stimulate private business and local businesses. The regional government has constructed power plants-wind turbines with a capacity of up to 500 megawatts. Currently developing a plan for doubling that figure.

So far, from organic sources more than half (60 %) the region needs energy. Infrastructure systems alternative energy is getting cheaper every year, so three years later here I want to completely eliminate obsolete “dirty” methods of production of electricity. Join the Scots eventually want some us States and provinces of China. For example, in California, definitely go for the solar energy plan by 2045. But in Atlanta – a decade earlier.


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