Kim Kardashian introduced the analogue of Shazam to search for clothing (3 photos)

Ким Кардашьян представила аналог Shazam для поиска одежды (3 фото)

Actress and model Kim Kardashian has introduced a mobile app for fashionistas resembling Shazam. The only difference is that the new analyses closet, not musical preferences.

If you like some thing, just upload a screenshot of her picture in the Screenshop. Then you can start shopping. The system will analyze the image and offered a wide variety of things, with a style similar to the one that you like. Each will be given the brand and price.

Ким Кардашьян представила аналог Shazam для поиска одежды (3 фото)

Announced Kardashian app is also handy in exposing groupies replica Instagram for luxury brands. Your friend has pravachol next handbag from Chanel? Check, I didn’t buy it in the market of roubles for nine hundred, is very simple – just make a screenshot and check the authenticity of the product in the Screenshop.

Ким Кардашьян представила аналог Shazam для поиска одежды (3 фото)

Screenshop in seconds analyzes more than ten million of goods from its base. The app is already available for download in the AppStore and Google Play. It is possible that it will be one of the most popular products, created with the participation of Kim. Before that, Kardashian has released more filters for processing images, the app Kimoji app game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. The idea of creating Screenshop belongs Hurwitz Molly (Molly Hurwitz), office Manager with a good sense of style. Familiarity with the star and its recommendations allowed the former clerk to “cut” the idea to the final state. Now Kim did not scruple to use the app to search for any accessories or items of clothing, seen on another woman.

Source:, ScreenShop

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