Likes on Facebook will tell everything about You

Лайки в Facebook расскажут о Вас всё

In a recent talk about global surveillance, which is technologically advanced companies perform for users. However, the true picture remains out of sight of most ordinary citizens. The usual likes that social media users put into any post, can tell them what you do not know even the closest people.

The use of special algorithms allows for several Facebook likes to analyze and give a lot of information to compile a comprehensive portrait of the user. For example, only three likes is enough to determine the sexual orientation of the object of study. Eight of likes will determine the level of development, IQ of a person, his political leanings, religious beliefs, attitude to Smoking and alcohol. Analytical program Facebook identificeret user as gay, if he liked the page of Lady Gaga dedicated to Harry Potter, the TV series “True blood” and for the protection of human rights.

Thus obtained information is useful for advertisers looking for their target audience. And as the experts say, the psychological portrait of 50% increases the probability of purchase of the advertised product. However, the analysis of profile by likes causes resentment among people who believe that statistical methods lead to invasion of privacy. Experts believe that Facebook and other social networks must give users freedom of choice, and they should develop a “cloaking system” for those who are not willing to disclose information, even if they are true. On the other hand psychological targeting may give a false result due to the lack of information received, or fails in the model, which could constitute a conflict in the life of the object.

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Meanwhile, to deceive the algorithm, it is necessary to hide part of likes, it will allow the Facebook user to keep information about themselves secret. So to conceal their sexual orientation it is necessary to classify the average of 3.5 likes, to conceal their drug use – 12.2, and a follower of the Quran do not recognize when you withhold information about 11.7 for the huskies. If the user wants to fool the algorithm and get the results of the analysis in the group to which he belongs, you should classify a smaller number of likes or simply not to put them where the should not be.

Source: Telegraph

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