9547 MIT teaches robots to share experiences with each other (video)

MIT teaches robots to share experiences with each other (video)

MIT учит роботов обмениваться опытом между собой (видео)

The developers of the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) presented new research in the field of learning robots, in fact, proposing a new, innovative method of transferring skills and information directly between robots. Currently, there are two generally practiced method of teaching robot — this is a demo method, when the operation is repeatedly duplicated to show the robot kinematics movements, and the second method is based on direct input of programmable commands that define the robot’s motion.

New methods of teaching based on the system of C-LEARN, implying “limited training” that allows you to configure and to transfer knowledge to robots experts do not have high skills in programming. In accordance with the program, the user must provide the robot information about the method of influence on the object and perform a single demonstration. Based on these data, the robot not only he will be able to perform essential functions, but also to share the “experience” with other robots.

The first thing that happens is that the bookmark information on the methodology of the movement: provides information about the kinematics of the movements, grip strength, and ways of holding objects. In the next step the user by using computer-aided design system generates a demonstration of the necessary operations: set key positions of the robot mechanisms and developing the scheme of movements of the manipulators.

MIT учит роботов обмениваться опытом между собой (видео)

MIT учит роботов обмениваться опытом между собой (видео)

At the moment, the human presence is still mandatory, as well as their own robots will be able to calculate the most efficient scheme for movement only in 87.5% of cases. Making adjustments and confirming the correctness of each manipulation, the user has absolute optimization process.

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The first confirmed experience with the use of C-LEARN was conducted with the robot Optimus (device with two manipulators designed for mine clearance). In the learning process, the developers taught Optimus to perform such basic actions like opening doors, moving objects and retrieval of objects from blood vessels. In the future, the robot Optimus transferred the acquired knowledge to his “brother” — humanoid robot Atlas, which has a weight of 181 kg and height 180 cm

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