Robot monster-a Scarecrow of Japan (2 videos)

Монструозный робот-пугало из Японии (2 видео)

In Japan to protect agricultural land from encroachment of wild animals has created a monstrous robotic Scarecrow in the image and likeness of an adult wolf. The invention of the local team JA Kisarazu-shi has a fur-covered body, a disproportionately huge fangs, the size of 65 cm in length and 50 centimeters in height, he knows how to howl like a wolf and red eyes Shine from LED bulbs, which should produce a special effect in the dark. Note, the first meeting with him will be memorable for a human, since the robot starts its work as soon as its infrared sensors detect movement. And to heighten the effect, the developers have added several options of imitation sounds: shot, the human voice, the scream and even a demonic laughter.

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The first prototype has lobougoula already undergone successful testing in July. Its market value will be about 200 thousand yen, or $1800. The invention is protected from dirt, rain not specified.

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