10413 New Samsung screens can twist, bend and push (3 photos)

New Samsung screens can twist, bend and push (3 photos)

Новые экраны Samsung можно скручивать, сгибать и продавливать (3 фото)

During the exhibition SID Display Week 2017 (Los Angeles, USA), held from 22 to 27 may, the branch of Samsung engaged in the development of displays demonstrating the latest achievements and successful development in the production of monitors. Among the novelties from the South Korean concern stood out: stretchable display, a special display for augmented reality glasses with a density of 2250 dpi, small 3D screen and other high-tech innovations.

Новые экраны Samsung можно скручивать, сгибать и продавливать (3 фото)

Used by the Samsung Corporation flexible monitors are not new to the market, they are actively used in the manufacture of televisions, computer screens and smartphones. So far, however, the panels were curved only in strictly defined directions. The exhibition also demonstrated the prototype of a new OLED-display with a diagonal of 9.1 inches, which can be subjected to compression, tension, twisting and bending in different directions. The surface monitor you can even push with deformation of up to 12 mm, material with memory, when the load is removed takes its original form. Screens made using this technology will not break down under mechanical stress, even at blows. These technologies are still experimental and not available for mass production, yet they offer great promise for use in the manufacture of a wide range of devices: from smart phones to automotive displays.

Новые экраны Samsung можно скручивать, сгибать и продавливать (3 фото)

Among the developers of new products stands out Samsung LCD monitor with a diagonal of 1.96 inches and a resolution of 4K (2250 dpi). This device is ideal for gadgets and virtual reality, providing high quality images. For augmented reality was also demonstrated OLED-display with a diagonal of 3.5 inches, 858 dpi and a refresh rate of 120 Hz, supports HDR.

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Technological breakthrough can be considered to be represented developers Samsung organic OLED monitor that enables 5.09-inch screen to show an image with a 3D effect without using special glasses. At the same time, the assurance of the engineers, the picture quality is significantly improved compared to the traditional 3D effect.

The Samsung developers also demonstrated a 65 inch display with support for color standard DCI-P3, covering almost 100 percent natural color spectrum, concave display with a diagonal of 34 inches and a resolution QHD+ (3440х1440) with aspect ratio 21:9, 27 inch LCD display with a refresh rate of 144 Hz and a resolution of Full HD.

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