Clothing of double-sided fabric will warm and cool (4 photos)

Одежда из двусторонней ткани согреет и охладит (4 фото)

Manufacturers have long been creating outerwear with high-technology. For guaranteed protection from the rain in a complicated way combine specially created for this material. When a person sweats, breathing things expel moisture out. For this textile layers uses a special nanostructure. Everything is good, but does not allow to regulate the temperature inside. Warm this jacket is nice, but if it gets too hot, will just have to take it off. The team from Stanford University have managed to create a multifunctional functional matter. It is capable of both cool and warm the body, depending on his desires.

Одежда из двусторонней ткани согреет и охладит (4 фото)

The secret of development lies in the combination of materials. The fabric consists of various layers of thick polyethylene. It permeated by nanopores and made sensitive to radiation of different ranges: the mid-infrared, and outbound from human skin heat. Have material and another layer. It from inside of the carbon deposited porous coating, the emissivity of this material is quite high. He is able not only to absorb heat in large quantities, but also to restore it effectively.

Одежда из двусторонней ткани согреет и охладит (4 фото)

Одежда из двусторонней ткани согреет и охладит (4 фото)

On the other hand fabric sprayed a very thin layer of copper, the ratio of its radiation is low. It absorbs and gives off very little heat. But, as shown by the electronic microniche, the coating of copper sufficiently thin to pass a couple with air. So pleasant coolness comes to skin. Made of copper with the carbon inside a special dual layer. With proximity to human skin these substances is associated neopredelennoi selection of the thickness of the layer. To cool body closer to him needs to be a thinner layer to warm thick.

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It is very important that this matter increases the area of thermal comfort. Expanding the range of “degrees” in which the owner of the miracle of the clothes will not freeze and sweat. Such a two things compensate for temperature variations, without spending any additional energy.

Apply double layer of matter not only at tailoring. It can help to protect from the vagaries of the environment sensitive electronics. Two-layer fabric will change so that the buffer effect will increase from 6.5 to 14.7 degrees Celsius.

Source:, Stanford

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