10124 OpenAI will teach robots initiative (video)

OpenAI will teach robots initiative (video)

OpenAI научит роботов инициативе (видео)

A non-profit company OpenAI, which is engaged in research in the field of IT and personally funded by Elon Musk, have invented a new algorithm. The system uses for training robots the disposable imitation. The person in the VR helmet, once you show the machine what to do, so that she could reproduce the most complex actions — or create your own.

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The sequence exhibited by the man of action studies, analyzes and synthesizes high-tech neural network. It uses a database of millions of ready-made images, working with different shades, textures, lighting effects, predicting the re-actions of a person in a similar situation. In the process of testing it, in particular, were able to lay down a set of colored cubes. Despite the fact that the color, size, and arrangement of cubes in each stage varied, the robot is able not only to repeat a sequence of actions, but also come up with their own to complete the task. The ability of artificial intelligence to adapt quickly to changing conditions can help the development of science and technology, believe the developers. Moreover, the use in the learning process–VR system helps to save sample material.

Source: theverge.com

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