Popular app GO Keyboard spies on the user

Популярное приложение GO Keyboard шпионит за пользователем

In one of the most popular Google Play apps GO Keyboard was discovered a significant drawback — the app sends personal user data to a remote server and uploads independently on a smartphone executable code. Android keyboard is installed over 200 million times and is one of the most popular among similar programs in the Google Play store. The developers from China has violated one of the main rules of Google Play — user privacy.

Популярное приложение GO Keyboard шпионит за пользователем

The problem was discovered by the developers of AdGuard extension. According to the researchers, immediately after installing app GO Keyboard starts to connect to ad resources and networks, and to send user data to a remote server. Despite the fact that currently this practice is widespread, transmission of certain data contrary to the rules of Google Play. In particular, the Keyboard transmits to the remote server data from your personal Google account, which is strictly prohibited in Google Play.

Another function who violates the provisions in the program Google Android-GO keyboard is the download and installation of plugins advertising and frequent requests for personal data devices (list of calls, contacts, microphone access). The transfer of such data to the server developer GO Keyboard is a potential threat for users in case of break-in and theft of information by cyber criminals. Workers AdGuard notified Google Play about potential threats.

Source: blog.adguard.com

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