When purchasing from an Internet shop fee will be charged automatically

При покупке в интернет-магазине пошлина будет взиматься автоматически

Lately, in political circles of the country do not cease debate on the question of levying the duty or tax parcels coming from overseas online stores. Now the threshold of duty-free trade is defined in 1000 euros. According to statistics, last year more than 37% of online purchases were done abroad at a total cost of 420 billion rubles. If you enjoyed this post of Russia, up to 93% of trade is with sending cost to 50 euros, therefore, the main proposal of FSUE is to charge a fee automatically when buying goods on the foreign market place.

According to the plan developed by the Board of the Eurasian economic Commission (EEC), from January 1, 2018, duty-free trade can be limited to the amount of 500 euros, in 2019 the price of the parcels non-taxable, will be reduced to 200 euros. However, officials are not eager to impose a duty now. FAS can reduce the threshold to 20 euros already next year. Mail of Russia is more democratic and offers a gradual reduction to 50 Euro by January 1, 2021.

A sharp decline in the amount of tax-free purchases abroad with discontent met the public and all interested persons. Predicted the decline of trade by 15%. In addition, the collection costs of the fee can be higher than the income. In the United States came to such a situation, and therefore in 2016 the non-taxable minimum for purchases abroad in the States was increased from 200 to 800 dollars.

In connection with the need to minimize the costs of fees of customs duties becomes relevant offer of the post of Russia on automatic duty at the time of purchase. Pilot testing of this technology was decided to conduct on the example of Chinese marketplace AliExpress. This online store covers 80% of the Russian market of foreign e-Commerce. Validation and testing of the collection of customs duties will take place before 1 April 2018. Meanwhile, the Russian Post is considering options for the implementation of such system in other online venues, popular among Russians.

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