In the running game Microsoft Surface Book 2 is not able to charge the battery

При запущенной игре Microsoft Surface Book 2 не способен зарядить батарею

Microsoft confirmed the feature 15-inch notebook Surface Book 2, revealed journalists of the Internet resource The Verge. During testing, journalists paid attention that the new device does not have time to charge the battery while playing or performing other resource intensive operations.

The developers commented on this fact. The model is primarily designed for designers, architects, engineers, and it is not a gaming device. Set in a 15-inch laptop, NVIDIA GTX 1060 and the processor provides work with “heavy” programs, but intensive use spending too much energy. The complete power supply is rated at 95 watts, but at peak during the games, the energy consumption reaches up to 105 watts, and energy expenditures that only the voiced components. Thus, charging power, elementary, does not correspond to the total consumption of the components the Surface Book 2, so even when connected to the bundled charger, the laptop continues to drain.

As shown by the measurements in such a situation, resource intensive video game the depletion of the energy reserve of the battery runs at a rate of 10% or more per hour. The representative of Microsoft, said that the power management system is designed to prevent the complete lack of charge .


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