Providers in the US will be allowed to control the speed of the download sites (video)

Провайдерам в США разрешат контролировать скорость загрузки сайтов (видео)

The Federal communications Commission (FCC) plans to terminate so-called net neutrality. We will remind, this law prohibits providers to limit traffic to the same resources and expand to others. Now they can act at their own discretion.

Changes initiated by the struggle between online services and broadcasters who can’t compete with the first upper and lower price segment, and therefore money for the development of new business models they do not have. The vote on the new document on December 14, and if it will be not in favor of net neutrality, it will become a precedent for the regulating authorities of other countries, and lobbyists for the telecommunications companies. Providers can charge for a high-speed connection to certain parts of the Internet or websites.

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For consumers this means one thing: now I have to choose the best tariff plans or pay extra for access to interesting sites, resources, social networks, online games and so on.


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