Rocket SpaceX will replace the aircraft on the Ground (video)

Ракеты SpaceX заменят самолёты на Земле (видео)

Elon Musk, in his usual manner, announced the development of a new transportation project: rockets controlled by businessman company SpaceX will be used for long-haul flights on the Ground. While availing the services, the customer will be able to get anywhere in the world in just an hour. Max. In most cases, at the request of the ambitious American, travel time will be about thirty minutes.

Heavy passenger rocket under the code name Big Fucking Rocket with a reusable upper stage 31 of the engine the Raptor will rise to a height, where there is practically no air resistance. There he will develop a speed of up to 27 000 km/h and fuel consumption at minimal. Passengers in the amount of 80-200 people will be able to get from Hong Kong to Singapore during 22 minutes, from Los Angeles to Toronto in 24 minutes, and the flight from new York to Paris is unheard of half an hour.

Musk had planned to begin construction of a space multipurpose freighter that will be replacing the existing machines SpaceX (Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy and Dragon) in 6-9 months. He also, according to the concept of a Mask will travel to the surface of Mars. Will the entrepreneur to build a working version of the BFR to 2022-2024 years unknown (in 2022 to Mars must be running the rocket with a cargo, and in 2024 the head of SpaceX wants to make the first manned flight).

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How much will it cost a flight to the limits of the planet, is difficult to say. On the other hand, nothing was said about the congestion, which will have to carry passengers (remember the many days of grueling pre-flight training of astronauts in the spec.centers). What to say about private trips, say at work. One caveat — the creation of landing systems and infrastructure. Most likely, Musk expects to receive financial investments and other assistance, primarily from the governments of countries interested in the outrageous project.

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