Parse the flagship Meizu Pro 7 Plus with two displays (9 photos)

Разбираем флагман Meizu Pro 7 Plus с двумя дисплеями (9 фото)

Flagship smartphone Meizu Pro 7 Plus, recently appeared on the market, has two displays. If this gadget to drop, the risk of screen damage increases, which means that service centers will be more work. Is it difficult to fix the secondary display? A group of enthusiasts decided to find out and to start completely disassembled the smartphone.

The results of the experiment are as follows:

1. The faceplate, as it turned out, you can open quite easily. However, doing so can damage the wires of the main Super AMOLED display and fingerprint scanner mTouch, so you will need to act very carefully.

2. The motherboard in the shape of a horseshoe, surrounding the battery with the three sides, located just below the front panel. To remove it from the case, will need to first disconnect the connector of the additional display available on the front side.

3. However, access to additional screen is covered with a speaker and a battery that will also be removed.

4. Anchoring the display is carried out by gluing, and glue is used quite a lot. To match the design of the rear panel to the additional screen imparted a slight bend on one side.

As you can see, to replace the secondary display will require almost complete disassembly of the entire phone, and a large amount of glue makes the repair of this element even more complicated. Good luck and patience to those who decided to implement his plan.


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