21370 Developed a vaccine for lifelong protection against influenza

Developed a vaccine for lifelong protection against influenza

Разработана вакцина для пожизненной защиты от гриппа

The research team from the Centre for Virology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) has developed experimental samples of multivoltine, able for life to protect the body from flu. The unusual genome of the vaccine contains the 4 most common strains of influenza.

The experiment was conducted on mice infected with nine versions of the flu. The group of mice that received the standard vaccine, after exposure to lethal doses of the virus completely sick. The second group received the new vaccine in the usual volume. Seven of the nine species of influenza mouse was able to move and survived. The third group received a higher dose of multivoltine – none of the mice did not even infected.

Difficulties in creating a vaccine against prolonged exposure to influenza associated with the rapid mutation of the virus and the long incubation period in vectors. Standard methods of vaccine development involve using a weakened or dead virus to produce immunity against hemagglutinin protein of attacking healthy cells. To replace the traditional dead virus, scientists from UNL chose adenoviruses causing the common cold. Selected adenoviruses have been modified. They instilled the “ability” to transport the body “Central antigen” of influenza strains (H1, H2, H3 and H5).

The method is based on research by Betty Korber (Bette Korber), which in the study of the genome of human ancestors have identified that genes of the HIV virus passed to Homo Sapiens from apes. Scientists from UNL, led by Eric Weaver decided on a similar scheme to synthesize the Central genes, which are the basis of influenza virus. “Our idea is that these Central antigens could form the basis of immunity against influenza. Since they are all strains equally, it can provide a basis for immunity against all known strains of influenza,” said Professor weaver.

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According to researchers early to talk about the invention of a panacea against influenza suitable for people. However, the determined direction, which will be conducted in subsequent studies. The main task of scientific research to find a vaccine with lifelong effect.

Source: sciencedaily.com

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