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Robot gymnast from Boston Dynamics (video)

Робот-гимнаст из Boston Dynamics (видео)

Have you ever seen a robot gymnast? Lab Boston Dynamics for one of the events showed a video with all his robots, among which were completely new, previously not shown to the public, self-balancing robot Handle. It is somewhat similar to ATLAS, but instead of feet, swivel his legs got wheels. Most likely, the newcomer is not adapted to overcome rough terrain, rubble and other similar sites. It seems that the scope of the Handle is limited to smooth surfaces, where it can drive like a Segway, with minimal resistance, for example, in a warehouse, factory or plant, where he didn’t need to worry about having to go through the rubble and scattered debris. But as shown in the video, the Handle is able to overcome any obstacles… not avoiding them and jumping.

[embedded content]Demonstration of a new robot Handle starts with 3:44 minutes

Source: gizmodo.com

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Robot gymnast from Boston Dynamics (video)

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