Robot artist creates 30-foot graffiti (video)

Робот-художник создаёт 30-метровые граффити (видео)

Street art is becoming more and more popular, and this is understandable. Boring the same type of high-rise buildings cause excitement and interest among the population. But to draw on the walls — not the easiest job, and not everyone will be allowed to hang on the height, knowledge of safety should be at the highest level. By Estonian Mihkel inventor of Youlou robot artist needs reduces risks to a minimum. The original mechanism draws huge graffiti, moving along the walls of high-rise buildings on ropes, and it is controlled by a computer. One of the latest creations of this couple — beautiful pipe CHP plant in Tartu. To create a 30-foot drawing took thirty cans of paint (both used 5). For everything robot artist went fourteen hours. However, as hopeful inventor, this is not the limit. In the future Mihkel Joala plans to improve robotic workaholic, to create a 100-meter graffiti and set a world record.

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