Robot loader on wheels (live)

Робот-грузчик на колесах (видео)

In early February, the network got the video from a private event Boston Dynamics, which also featured a new two-wheeled robot Handle without any disclosure of its characteristics and that, on the eve of the first day of spring, the robotics company has officially unveiled his creation. Six-foot boat is designed for carrying cargo, and mounted a pair of wheels optionally may be replaced by two familiar humanoid feet, to overcome the terrain, though in the initial Handle is easy to move on rough terrain, no problem down the steps or slippery slope, and also jumps the obstacles on the course, holding the balance due to trunk bending, flexion of the lower extremities and stretching the top. The robot works on the actuators and hydraulics, capable of using the energy of battery pack to overcome a distance of 24 km, with speeds up to 14.5 km/h, jump to a height of 1.2 meters and carry loads up to 45 kg. See all of the features you can Handle in the attached video.

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