Scientists have printed human skin on a 3D printer (video)

Учёные распечатали человеческую кожу на 3D-принтере (видео)

The team from the Madrid Carlos III University, Centre for research in energy, environment and technology (CIEMAT), University hospital Gregorio Marañón in Madrid and the company BioDan Group together, we managed to develop a 3D bio-printer, which has created an artificial skin that mimic the structure of the human. The complexity of its development was to establish techniques in which properly chosen proportions, mixing and sequential deposition of biological material allowed us to obtain functional fabric.

Учёные распечатали человеческую кожу на 3D-принтере (видео)

Учёные распечатали человеческую кожу на 3D-принтере (видео)

Printed on a 3D printer, skin is composed of epidermis and dermis. Examples of dietary, feed, updated, produce collagen, which provides elasticity of the fabric. The resulting leather is quite suitable for transplantation to patients with severe burns. Another area of application of artificial fabrics, identical to the human — testing of household chemicals, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. In our days this procedure is performed on experimental animals.

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The main ingredient in the bio-printer stand “biochemie” — instead of the cartridges and colour paints are used injectors with biological components, among which a small amount of the biomaterial of a specific person. “Knowledge about how to mix biological materials and under what conditions to work with them to cells are destroyed, are critical when creating functional artificial skin,” said Juan Francisco del Caniso.


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