11047 Shows a Stratolaunch plane for orbital launches (7 photos)

Shows a Stratolaunch plane for orbital launches (7 photos)

Показан самолет Stratolaunch для орбитальных запусков (7 фото)

The world’s largest plane Stratolaunch with custom design, which was announced back in 2011 finally rolled out of the hangar. Development is created for reusable transport of the rocket to a height of about 10,000 meters with its subsequent launch in the air. The device will be launched to deliver cargo to low-earth orbit, including capsule with the ISS crew. The creation of an aircraft engaged in a private company Stratolaunch Systems, Paul Allen, is the co-founder of Microsoft Corporation.

The wingspan of a flying machine operating on six engines Pratt&Whitney PW4056, is 117 meters, bigger than any football field, the length is 72.5 meters and a height of 15.2 meters. Weight Stratolaunch – 226.7 tons. The maximum weight of fuel equal to 113 tons. Weight useful output load of 249 tons. One flight expect to raise up to three missiles simultaneously. To do this, Stratolaunch will require a runway length of 3.6 km.

In the near future the company plans to produce a series of tests of the fuel system and check of onboard equipment. On the date of the flight test is unknown.

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